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Chest Exercises

Hello, everyone today we are going to tell you about top 3 chest exercises. Either you are gaining or losing the weight these exercises are best for chest. Chest is the most attractive front muscle of the body especially for men, when they wear a t-shirt or a shirt .Before doing this exercise talk to your doctor if you have a back, shoulder and arm injury .Your doctor may recommend you variations or suggest avoiding this move in exercise. So, let’s start:-

Barbell Bench Press

It is also known as pectoral exercise. It is an upper body weight training exercise. It is the test of upper body strength .This exercise is one of the three lifts in the sport of powerlifting alongside the deadlift and squat. This exercise increased upper body push strength, bigger pec major, improves our bones health, crazy strong triceps, etc.

How to perform this exercise: – Person should lies on their back on a bench with barbell or dumbbells in both hands. They should lower the barbell or dumbbell to the chest level and then press the barbell or dumbbell upwards extending their arms until the elbows locked out.Then repeat this exercise again and again.

Dumbbell Fly

It is also an upper body exercise that strengthens the chest and shoulders. This exercise can be performed using any weight that can be grabbed in hands .This exercise can be done using other implements than dumbbells. There are such machines to do this exercise: – butterfly machine or pec desk fly.

How to perform this exercise: – Person should lies on their back on a bench with dumbbells in both hands. They should raise their dumbbells above the chest, palms facing each other and then breathe- in to lower their weights in arc out to the sides as far as it is comfortable and then reverse this exercise through squeezing your chest and breathe-out. Then repeat this exercise again and again.

Cable Crossover

It is an isolation movement that uses cables to build bigger and strong muscles. This exercise is common in upper body and chest-focused muscle building workouts. Cables are much capable to do this exercise rather than dumbbell. Cables provide constant tension, including at peak contraction.

How to perform this exercise:-Firstly, set the handles at both ends of the pulleys at highest level of the machine. Stand in the Centre of the machine, bend your toes slightly, keep your back straight, and bend your elbows as well. Then pull the cables towards your chest and across your body .Squeeze your chest muscles slowly in this fully contracted position. Then repeat this exercise again and again.

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