5 Tips to look Sexy in a Shirt, Fashion

5 Tips to Look Sexy in a Shirt

Hello, everyone today we are going to tell you about the top 5 Tips to Look Sexy in a Shirt. “A shirt is the basis of a man costume.” No matter who are you or how you like to dress. You need to style your shirt with your different outfits. Men’s outfits are booming you will not be able to follow any rules or instructions of the categories of fashion shirts that are shown below. Especially, Indian men’s shirt dressing is an important male fashion tip. So here we are to tell you about the 5 Tips to Look Sexy in a Shirt.

Standing Collar

The standing collar looks great. You can buy shirts with button-down collars or stiff collar shirts. Try to avoid flappy collar shirts. Your face is not the region for your shirt; your COLLAR is the region of your shirt. If next time you go shopping take a button-down shirt if you do not get the button-down shirt you see and take a STIFF COLLAR shirt. If you do not get both of these shirts then take a COLLAR STAY it is like double-sided tape.

Roll-up Sleeves

Untidy sleeve rolls do not look any good. Make sure your sleeves are rolled up properly. Roll-up sleeves if your shirt is a little loose or you are skinny. You should 3 times roll both sides. Stay away from pockets and zippers for formal occasions. So every time sleeve rolls up to your shirts because of any occasions they expected.

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Slim Fit

For a sexy looking shirt, you need to have the proper fit. It should not be too tight or too loose. Go for slim fit shirts if you are having a nice or normal type of physique.

Tuck or Not

U-shaped bottom shirt can be tucked inside as well as left outside. Flat bottom shirts are meant to be tucked inside. If shirt length is long, it is better to tuck it in. Many of the shirts which have parallel shaped border shirt please tuck in these shirts.


You can layer your shirt with a tee. Make sure to only go for the white or black color tee. You can leave your shirt and tee both untucked or you can tuck both of them.

  • Always iron your shirts.
  • Always buy these colors black, white, and blue.
  • Avoid bright colors
  • Buy check or polka dots shirts.
  • Always wear minimal patterns.

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