5 Fashion Tips for Short Guys, Fashion

5 Fashion Tips for Short Guys

Hello, everyone today we are going to tell you about 5 fashion tips for short guys. Dressing well is all about how you present your body in the best and most flattering way to outsiders. But when short guys step outside, they should wear formal or casual clothes i.e. v-shaped; the sweatshirt or cargo jeans have always been limited because of their small size. Here are 5 fashion tips for short guys that you should follow to look taller and leaner. If you follow these tips, people never notice your height firstly.


Logo of Stripes

Use vertical stripes for your advantage. Vertical stripes can help you to look taller and slim. Avoid big check pattern clothing. Also, try dots pattern shirts, tees. Do not buy or wear horizontal stripes shirt because it makes you look short.

Dark Trouser

Logo of Dark Trouser

If you are short, you might be having short legs. You do not want to highlight your legs by wearing light or bright color trousers. Instead, go for dark color trousers. Dark trousers are important in creating lengths because you wear them on your legs and I know that these tricks can make your legs longer. Thus, that is creating the illusion of height.

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Avoid Baggy

Logo of Avoid Baggy

Baggy clothing is something you need to avoid. Avoid loose clothes because it can make you look even shorter. Wear slim fit clothing. Fit is subject to trend and we are not saying that you should wear skinny or tight fit everything. Ideas to look taller and leaner from your clothes are:

  • Pants should not be stuck up on top of your shoes.
  • Sleeves should not be tightly locked to your arms.
  • Do not wear shirts like tents.


Logo of Shorts

You can wear shorts but avoid shorts with baggy pockets. The length of the shorts should be above your knee. Long and baggy shorts can make you look short. Low-rise trousers should be avoided at all costs because when you tuck in your shirt to a pair of low-rise trousers (dark).


Logo of Footwear

Avoid bright colors in footwear. If you are using loafers then go for loafers with heels. You can go for sneakers with a thick sole but footwear should not be too bulky. You should wear a height boosting shoes or boots. Boots are probably the best option for short guys. From work boots to dress Chelsea, almost every boot gives you 1-2” of extra height without using extra insole.

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